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App crashing each time

This app crashes every time I try to us birvv

Can’t Use

App crashes every time I try to open it.

Crashes all the time

I can’t use the app only to upload - it constantly crashes

User name

Dear Newzulu, I have question regarding my account? It's showing female pic of me. I am guy and what is the way to change that ? Let me know. Sincerely, Samir Mahalbasic

Quality Reporting

Since stumbling upon this app, there is no need to have other news apps on my iPhone. The reporting is unbiased & brief, matched with brilliant images and video.


Everything is very easy to access and the photos and videos are of good quality too. I would like to see some speed improvements.

a good news client

shows the newest by Image and texteasy to operate and read!

Good app

Good application for me to share story on the internet. at the same time I can get information of my community from it. It helps me better communicate with the outside world.I like it.


A good news app you can use it connected to the world’s largest news community, you can read, browse and watch news stories submitted by thousands of contributors like you.

Cool and easy

App is very user friendly and really makes it easy for anyone to join citizen journalism community. I'd like a search bar for keyword search but I really enjoy this app.


I get many many news and good stories from it everyday,and it works well on my iPhone

Good App

It is beautiful and works great on my iPhone. Very easy to use. I can get all the news I need.

Great application

Through this application allows me to understand that occur in the world news first time to grasp the latest trends. Information content is huge.


Very good news application,simple interface and easy to use,with it,you can connected to the world’s largest news community and submit your photos and videos of breaking news stories as they happen.

It's good

Good application for me to get news about community and world. I’m too busy that I have no time to read newspapers or watch TV.This application can helps me to solve the problem, and lets me better connect with world communication.


it's really helpful!welcome to the world's largest news community. I like it..


Got a lot of to catch up on since I've spent too many yeas away from news,to my surprised,it almost covers all the kind news that you never hear before,just take a little bit look in a day,kind of falls behind you won't feel again.

Great app!

It's a great app, it's very useful. Have fun with this app please!

Great app

This is really great news app, because its gathering news from people from the streets, not only professionals. Easu to use with super simple UI.


Crashes. Freezes on second image of every set. Has potential- will check back after next update.


I can only scroll to the second picture under a story???

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